Michal Millrod

Graduate Student

Email: michal.millrod@jhmi.edu

Tel: +1 443 287 0183


B.A., Biology, Barnard College, Columbia University


Michal completed a B.A. in Biology in 2006. During this time she was the recipient of the Constance Von Wahl Prize in biology, the Donald and Nancy Ritchie Fund Grant as well as a Howard Hughes Research Internship in Biological Sciences.

In the Fall of 2006 Michal began a PhD in the Immunology Program at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She joined the Zambidis lab in 2007.

Michal’s main interests include using developmental biology to develop advanced conditions for the induction of mesoderm from human pluripotent stem cells and subsequent differentiation to definitive hematopoietic cells capable of producing lymphocytes.



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